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The Container Tree Advantage

 When purchasing and installing trees for your home landscape, you really have two choices.  You can purchase a B&B (balled & burlapped) tree, or you can purchase a tree that has been grown in a container.  See the difference a Container Tree Makes!. 

A balled and burlapped tree is grown in a field and then dug by a mechanized tree spade.  When these trees are dug from the field, anywhere from 70% to 90% of the tree’s roots are cut-off and left in the field.  The root balls on field grown trees must be kept small in order to minimize their weight.  So smaller root balls equal lighter trees with very few roots.  As a result, balled and burlapped trees take several years to recover from losing a large percentage of their roots.  During this time, the tops of the trees are very sparse and they do not look healthy in the landscape.

Container trees, on the other hand, have 100% of their roots when planted and are ready to perform as soon as they’re installed in your landscape.  Container trees do not suffer root loss since they’re grown in pots from the time they’re very young, until the time they’re ready to plant.  At Adcock’s Nursery we offer container trees in 15-gallon, 25-gallon, 45-gallon and 100-gallon sizes.  And every one of the thousands of trees we grow is hand pruned to make sure it has a straight central leader and solid branch structure.

Our container trees are potted with soil that contains a high-quality, 270-day controlled release fertilizer.  Our container trees also receive liquid fertilizer through irrigation during the active growing season.  At Adcock’s Nursery we also have an aggressive insect and disease control program to make sure all our trees and shrubs stay healthy.  In short, you’ll be hard pressed to find a healthier, more beautiful container tree anywhere else.

Another advantage to container trees is that they’re lighter and much easier to handle.  No heavy equipment that destroys your lawn is necessary to install even our largest container tree.  A tree cart and a couple of helpers with shovels is generally all that’s needed to move and plant our trees exactly where you want them.

We appreciate you buying a premium container tree from Adcock’s Nursery and know that you and your family will enjoy it for years to come.